The RamJam, Kingston

An intimate jazz venue? You betcha. The band is virtually in your lap. Richard Fletcher, brother of percussionist Chris, is a great supporter of the music. When this club is full, there is nowhere that brings music more immediately into your ears.

(It’s where the picture of me on bari was taken. Yes that expression is : “can I trust the arranger’s next chord?”)

On Mondays young and even-younger-looking Duncan Eagles runs a Jazz Funk Jamm (that extra m is a puzzler…) O

On Wednesdays, now in its fifth year is the Way Out West. Tim Whitehead bludgeoned it into existence. Mick and Maureen Sexton of http://www.jazzinlondon.net have been huge supporters.

The January programme is here:


And first up this Wednesday, before she goes on tour is Kate Williams Band.


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