Herbie in your living rooom

BBC4 is screening Antonioni’s Blow-Up from 1966 this Thursday at 11pm. I’m looking forward to catching at least a bit of it…

Iconic. Soundtrack by the 25-year old Herbie Hancock.

And according to Christian Genzel’s Herbie discography


one HELL of a band.

Herbie Hancock: piano; Freddie Hubbard: trumpet; Joe Newman: trumpet; Phil Woods: alto sax; Joe Henderson: tenor sax; Jimmy Smith: organ; Jim Hall:guitar; Ron Carter: bass; Jack DeJohnette: drums

But fed in at low volume. These are some guys to be made to play quietly in the corner.

Here’s the briefest of clips. Joe Henderson’s about to start stretching out when it gets cut off…but you can’t always get what you want…


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