Grammy Nominee in Deptford and Greenwich- 18 Feb

The mainstream media mostly work with the press releases they receive.

I always have the suspicion, or rather the certain knowledge, that a lot goes on below their radar. One has to know where to find it.

A listening gig this one. Very interesting as they used to say in 1698 on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In.

Those who like the confidence of having original sources can copy/paste this simple link:


I can save you the trouble: it’s good blurb, probably written by Head of Jazz Studies Simon Purcell, who has a dauntingly interplanetary level of intelligence – plus being a nice guy and a subtle, energetic musician:


Wednesday 18 February

Route 88 – with Uri Caine

7:00 Laban, Creekside

Jazz meets the classics through the art of the piano. The groundbreaking American pianist Uri Caine performs as improvising soloist in his jazz transcription of the Brahms/Handel Variations with Trinity Chamber Orchestra (Nic Pendlebury, conductor). Also featuring the remarkable classical improviser Douglas Finch with faculty and students from the Jazz and Keyboard Faculties of Trinity College of Music with fresh takes on jazz standards, Debussy Preludes and tunes provided by the audience.

Beats in the Bar – special edition with Uri Caine

9:30 Up the Creek, Greenwich

An informal session, with renowned artists from the Jazz faculty at TCM joined by Uri Caine.

Caine is irrepressibly inventive, like someone continually pointing out interesting and unsuspected new features of the landscape… – Mike Wheeler, Music and Vision


Caine also has a website

And here’s a 3 minute interview off Youtube

This a gig for very concentrated listening…I’m going.

I suspect the buzz will pick up, and that these gigs will get busy.

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  1. I myself found out about his by complete chance, as someone had left the flyers at the Vortex. I am particularly intrigued by the concert at the Chapel on 17th lunchtime. What a place to hear music of Barry Guy, one of the great musicians de nos jours.

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