This Sunday night. Guaranteed good time for people who hate jazz

I hadn’t yet put in a gig this weekend.

So I’m putting in one which it is totally impossible not to enjoy.

Hate jazz? You’ll love this.

Brass Volcanoes. Dragon Hall, Stukeley Street in Covent Garden. This Sunday 7 till 10.

Graham Hughes (bouncy sousaphone player, superb crooner, great sound on both trombone and bass trumpet) and Andy Williamson (tenor and Scottish madness) put on this great thing once a month on Sunday nights at the Dragon Hall in Covent Garden. It’s simply outrageus fun.

How can one describe it?

It’s a sort of mad party with a New Orleans Marching Band which does excursions into Reggae and Soul and Jaco Pastorius’s Chicken. Atmosphere. Dancers of all ages. And ridiculously cheap food.

Last time the whole band decided, spontaneously, that they were going to play lying down among the dancers on the dance floor. And at another point Andy W decided there had to be at least one other entrance into the building and took half the audience out in the street as a conga with him leading it on tenor from the front to find it….

Find enjoyment. It’s what recessions are for.

And here’s their website

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