Where to go on a Saturday night.

What’s on tomorrow night? And how do you find out?

First place to look is the regular six-to-seven nights a week venues.

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Ronnie’s: Tim Garland’s Lighthouse Trio, which I’ve already written about here

The Vortex: The Vortex has Carol Grimes, take a look at her website

By the way, the Vortex is getting VERY BUSY, and it certainly will be tomorrow.
Gone are the days you could just turn up.

The 606: The Six has Clark Tracey’s new band with Paul Jordanous and Piers Green. I heard their launch a few months ago at the Pizza. This is going to be an interesting band.

Again, expect the 606 to be heaving. I heard an Austrian bass player leading a soul/funk outfit last Saturday and it was absolutely full!

The Bull’s Head: : Guy Barker’s band. Amazing line-up. Altoist Benjamin Herman from Holland, Dave Newton on piano, Phil Donkin bass (he seems to be suddenly turning up everywhere) and Seb de Krom, drums.

The Bull doea not take bookings. It takes cash on the door. In this case fifteen quid. The old way. So you just have to be early. This is a stupendous band , so here’s an UNQUALIFIED RECOMMENDATION.

Pizza Express Dean Street: James Taylor Quartet. Pleased to see Nick Smart can still show his Royal students the route down from the clouds by gigging in his jazz funk band and grooving along to a Hammond on a Saturday night.

Pretty full again, I’d guess.

So that’s the regular venues. Salute them.

There are to my knowledge three listings sources.
There’s Jazz in London- see the link
Jazzwise Magazine’s listings guide
Jazz Services: It’s national. So you find London between Liverpool and Motherwell.

What else is there?

If we can call Berkhamsted London, there’s Digby Fairweather’s band. Dig knows how to give an audience a very good time indeed.
There’s some Gypsy Jazz at the Quecumbar.
And Ian Pearce on piano playing for diners at the Archduke.
There’s the amazing Italian Renato D’Aiello on tenor up from Somerset playing for the diners at the Octave Bar (see link on right).
And Quaglino’s in Bury Street St James’s often have amazing people
but they don’t publicize who.
And there’s Jazz Cafe Posk in Hammersmith with the “Paragon Quartet.”
No clues. There is a classical saxophone quartet by this name which specializes in things like Gavin Bryars….Hm.

Bear in mind that the weekly gigs, the more experimental gigs tend to be earlier in the week, for a whole host of reasons….

But if there are more gigs than this in London tomorrow night, and there probably are, then , I have to say, people are hiding them extremely effectively.

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