Making a John Etheridge biography short

John Etheridge
(Photo/Paul Darkwood)

It’s a real challenge.

How does one cut down a John Etheridge biography ?

Simple you say. You edit it . You need to be totally merciless. Too many words are a self-indulgence.


Here’s the official one.

And here’s Wikipedia

Now you see the problem?

He is so astonishingly adaptable and versatile, it’s enabled him to do too much in too many contexts with too many people for the story to be short. Stephane Grappelli for years, Soft Machine, John Williams…EVERYBODY.

So here is my cheap and dirty John Etheridge biography:

I never wanted to be a star, just a highly respected musician like John Etheridge” Sting
One of the best guitarists in the world“. Pat Metheny

I think that covers it. If you have something to add, be my guest!

We are lucky as Londoners. We can hear him at small venues like:

Eliana Tomkins’ Sunday night gig on Feb 22nd at Hugo’s Restaurant in Queens Park NW6. With very good and beginning-to-get-noticed drummer Sophie Alloway, who was always destined to rise far from the open mic nights where my baritone sax and I used to come across her three or four years ago. Bookings on 020 7372 1232.

The Green Man in Great Portland Street on Wednesday Feb 25th with superb Pete Whittaker on Hammond organ. It’s a Musicians Company Jazz promotion. Pay on the door.

Sophie Alloway.

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