Meanwhile in E-flat land

King Prawn Dhansak (In The Dark)

The alto player next to me in the rehearsal band and and I watch the world – and forests of seemingly unplayable semiquavers- go by, and we chat.

After the tenor players have charged through their 64-bar solos, and the flugelhorns have emoted their ballads, we stop counting our bars rest, and put our brains in neutral . We find it best to avoid contentious subjects like tuning, so we talk about politics and religion instead. We ask, rhetorically, how it can possibly be that the bar lines get so much younger and more fleet of foot every year.
And sometimes we talk about our shared love of good curries.

(Some of which are going to make you absolutely GROAN…. )

My Papadum tole Me (Blues in the Night)
Oh You Beautiful Dhall
Oh Cinnamon
Samosa these Days
I could raita book
All God’s chillis got rhythm
Pilau don’t talk about me when I’ve gone
Let’s Face the Dhansak and Muse
What a swell chapati this is
Dhansak in the Dark.
UPDATE 10th March
Frank Griffith has added these by email
Hello Delhi
Mumbai Inn
Lets face the music and Dhanzak
Dhanzak in the dark
Dhanzak on the ceiling
Burma self
Easy come easy goa
Goa way little girl
Calcutta what makes your big head so hard
Tibet is yet to come
Tiger rag
Chapati’s over
“My Pappadaum told me…”
Who’s Sari now
Bhagee and soul
Tikka closer walk with thee
Sheek to Sheek
Chana town
Samosa’s days
April in Puree
Curry with the fringe on top
The sag is you
Sag for my father
The sag is ended
Sag sung blue
With a sag in my heart
The balti’s over
Nan a clear day
Nan I love her so
Chutney bridge
Kofta you’ve gone
Black kofta
Mango Inn
Dueling Mangos
Jeera Sensational
Have a rice day
Keema Peachy
Bhuna Mas
I had a balti

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