Remembrance of swing’s past

Cy Laurie

Peter Maguire of Jazz Clubs Worldwide in Brussels now has a blog where he is getting all dewy-eyed nostalgic for an era when British jazz was supposedly fuelled by “nothing more stimulating than soft drinks.”



Now then. About those drinks…..

A veteran musician recently told me a heartening story of one big band trumpet section’s solidarity. And, literally, of their support, for a flat-out-incapable section member. Said, sad case was due to take his turn to perform an eight bar cue live TV. The others were of one mind that he was never going to make it. So, two of them propped him up and poised the trumpet against his lips, while the fourth lay at their feet and played his eight bars for him before a collective collapse.

Soft drinks eh……
There is a massively busy site for trad enthusiasts based in the North West of the UK HERE. The picture above came from it.

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