Valentine’s Day

Where should one go to hear jazz tomorrow, Valentine’s day?

Apart from the Vortex, it definitely seems to be singers’ night…

I had singled out the Claire Martin/ Richard Rodney Bennett gig at the Pizza on the Park to go to, but I’ve ended up with a booking to play as part of a trio for a Valentine’s Day dinner. Claire is top-of-the-range, a class act, ahem, despite what it says in the link on the right in Dave Newton’s Alternative Professions.

And for the recession-proof, Natalie Williams and Joe Stilgoe will be cooking up something very energetic and fun at Ronnie’s (two sittings, remember!)

But there’s also Tammy Weis from Vancouver at the 606 is also a great singer, as is Georgia Mancio (with her site you’re straight into her sound clips) at the Pizza in Dean Street.

But if you want something more varied (edgy, modern etc) then head for the Vortex, and not a singer in sight. A showcase for FOUR bands in one evening The Loop Collective have a short festival which will be getting good media coverage on the continent thanks to the PRS Foundation. If you wanted a snapshot of some of the best of young London jazz, you will get a good sampling of interesting musicians. But book. I think it will be busy and you could well find you’re standing rather than sitting….

I also think that it’s a great building to look at as you approach it from across the square. The appeal never fails, I find it an uplifting sight. Pictures like this one don’t really give you the full effect.
But for those who still can’t get enough of Jazz and Valentine’s Day, Jeffrey Siegel of Straight No Chaser in Massachussets has written industrial quantities about it HERE.

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  1. Unfortunately, the main gig at the Vortex is sold out. Though you can hear some duos for free in the bar at 6.30. Or why not delay your Valentines for 24 hours and spend it in romantic Dalston?Buy you samosa or homemade cake and pitch into the Rio at 12.15 for a Dankworth double bill (or is it Losey?) Accident and The Servant and then relax to the dulcet sounds of the last night of the Loop festival.

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