UK music industry success in Brussels

Congratulations to Dominic McGonigall of PPL who is a very effective campaigner on behalf of the music industry on a victory in Brussels last week, getting the EU to back copyright extension to 95 years. The full story is HERE

Belgonostalgia seeming to get me this morning. An awful lot of beer consumed in the shadow of the Berlaymont asbestos monster above!!

There are other campaigns closer to the ground in UK music where nothing ever happens, and Dominic’s effectiveness might be useful too……

See link to the Live Music Campaign in the right column.

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  1. Does extending the copyright to 95 years nowadays do much to help listeners to music, especially as the major labels, the main beneficiaries, have the chance to keep the music prices high and cash in. If one felt that they would take the opportunity to continue to develop and invest in new artists, that would be another matter…..

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