Cross-Channel Multi-Channel Loop Coverage

Alex Bonney and Dave Kane
(Photo: Russ Escritt)

Congratulations to organizing dynamo Stephanie Knibbe, her French compatriot tall tenor Robin Fincker, and the many others whose can-do energy made the packed-out Loop showcase/festival at the Vortex last week such a success.

First there’s some great coverage and even discoverage in the UK national press:

Ivan Hewett of the Daily Telegraph captures the variety and energy well HERE

Mike Hobart had the main arts review in today’s Financial Times HERE, with a great picture of the Ivo Neame/Jim Hart Quartet.

Then, thanks to the PRS Foundation, there will also be some continental European coverage.

And Oliver Weindling expresses the hope, which I will second, that more people try out the regular Monday nights upstairs at the Oxford in Kentish Town Road on Mondays HERE.
Oliver….writing about sex…must be a first.

There’s no mistaking the just-get-on-with-it attitude of the people involved here. Alex Bonney, singled out for praise in the Telegraph review for his trumpet/bass duo with Dave Kane…. also has loads of high quality recordings on his EARCONNECTOR site. Drummer Dave Smith pushes his own musical knowlege to the limits with exploring African drums . See a feature HERE

Word is getting out….and that is not something which happens by accident. These people don’t wait for the phone to ring. They GRAFT.

The Loop Collective is normally to be found on Monday nights upstairs at the Oxford in Kentish Town Road.

Check out Jim Hart’s Gemini on 2nd March and you won’t be disappointed.

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