The sound at expensive gigs

I wrote about last week’s Michel Legrand/Alison Moyet show , but for me it was a no-no on grounds of cost. Clive Davis of The Times went, he saw, and he WROTE…..

Although, as ever in London, he was pleased to hear a top-notch professional band, he was clearly very disappointed by the gig. And particularly by the sound.

….a tantalisingly uneven blend of big-band swing and pensive balladry.
…..the sound mix hardly did the orchestra justice.
…. Moyet […] was restricted to a sequence of perfunctory renditions of hits….[and] was not even given an opportunity to address the audience between numbers.

Sixty quid a ticket and they can’t give you decent sound….. That is a topic which gets aired frequently among gig addicts, I’ve found….

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  1. I have heard sound ranging from “could be a little better” to “unlistenably awful” at so many gigs – more than have good sound, I’d say, and at all levels.What is it with sound guys? There must be some good ones out there somewhere. And most I’ve met don’t seem to get that jazz is not heavy rock metal.


  2. The sound in jazz gigs is nearly always awful. The Jazz Cafe’s sound is monstrous; it’s always far too loud and they make the drums far too loud at the expense of the middle register. I HATE rock sound geeks. They whack up the bass on the assumption that we are deaf and can’t pick it out. Keith Jarrett observes how people should listen for the bass; it shouldn’t be rammed down people’s throats. Do you need to amplify a cello? Turn down the volume and shift the balance away from bass and drums; they can usually handle themselves!


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