Friday 13th and moustachen identity

This Bob Martin?….. Or This Bob Martin?

I wrote with enthusiasm about ex-Buddy Rich altoist Bob Martin HERE. Bob was playing earlier in the month in Frank Griffith’s nonet. He has an absolute killer sound. Sits nonchalantly, often cross-legged, and plays with an authority and personal stamp which leaves its mark on one’s musical memory.
A couple of musician friends of mine know their stuff. They went down to the Bulls Head last Friday, knowing exactly what they were going to hear…indeed had they been readers of Time Out they would have read :
Bob Martin/Mike Gorman/Julian Bury/Spike Wells
Fri Feb 13
Bull’s Head Barnes, 373 Lonsdale Rd, SW13 9PY
One-time Buddy Rich altoist Martin lines up with fine Hammond organist/pianist Gorman and a hard-swinging rhythm section for some fast and furious bebop.
Er, WRONG!!!
Get this: the LondonPaper had it right
Bob Martin, Mike Gorman, Julian Bury, Spike Wells
Soulful blues-rock and country from the singer-songwriter
Appearing at the Bull’s head last Friday was

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