Two unqualified recommendations for next week

Simon Purcell (left)
Gwilym Simcock (right)
1) Those who teach also can.(Tuesday 24th Lord Rookwood, Leytonstone)
An exciting band of players who know each other very well is out next Tuesday 24th at East Side Jazz at the Lord Rookwood in Leytonstone. They all teach extensively in music colleges, but make no mistake , this is an elite band.

Simon Purcell Quintet featuring Simon Purcell (piano), Julian Siegel (tenor sax, bass clarinet) , Chris Batchelor (trumpet) , Steve Watts (bass) , Gene Calderazzo (drums).

2) Happy Birthday Gwilym (606 Club Monday 23rd)

The 606 Club in Chelsea a friendly setting for the birthday celebration of Gwilym Simcock, a piano star who is and will go on developing, changing, and getting completely stuck in. The programme is promising surprise guests. Last time I heard him the sitter-in was former Chick Corea sideman Tim Garland. Gwilym gets classy guests….

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