Jazz in London – March

Jazz in London for March is available online NOW

I am struck by the contrast between some of my recent items about things being quietly closed down, often where jazz is marginal to big organisations…….

versus the vibrancy of what is going on next month at e.g. the Luna Lounge by Leytonstone Library and the Con Bar in Camden.

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  1. Handy – I’m going to be down for a night soon and was just looking to see what’s on!Two Glasgow guys are coming down to play at Vortex soon – Ryan Quigley on the 3rd and Paul Towndrow on the 24th. I’d be interested to see reviews if you get a chance to catch them – both excellent musicians. I wrote a little about them last time I saw them in < HREF="http://nimoloth.livejournal.com/496203.html" REL="nofollow">a post about the Glasgow Jazz Festival<> last year.

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