Jazz in London – March

Jazz in London for March is available online NOW

I am struck by the contrast between some of my recent items about things being quietly closed down, often where jazz is marginal to big organisations…….

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versus the vibrancy of what is going on next month at e.g. the Luna Lounge by Leytonstone Library and the Con Bar in Camden.

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  1. Handy – I’m going to be down for a night soon and was just looking to see what’s on!>>Two Glasgow guys are coming down to play at Vortex soon – Ryan Quigley on the 3rd and Paul Towndrow on the 24th. I’d be interested to see reviews if you get a chance to catch them – both excellent musicians. >>I wrote a little about them last time I saw them in < HREF="http://nimoloth.livejournal.com/496203.html" REL="nofollow">a post about the Glasgow Jazz Festival<> last year.

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