Quotes about a music college education

1) On finishing the course:

“You’ll know when you’ve finished the course. Some people have already finished before they’ve even started. There are others who will never finish.”

Basil Tchaikov’s remark to his student Rick Wakeman when Wakeman found that he was getting booked for more and more highly-paid sessions.

2) On Jazz in music colleges:

Jazz used to be what people did who didn’t want to go to college.”

Pete Churchill on receiving his award as jazz educator of the year at the Parliamentiary Jazz Awards

3) To musicians leaving college and looking for a manager:

“Are you ready for Artist Management? The Quiz:

Question 1: Do you have anything to manage?”

Angela Myles Beeching of New England Conservatory, Boston, from “Beyond Talent” OUP 2005

(Notes: quotes 1 & 2 are from memory; picture source: a Joanna MacGregor lecture on the bass line in the Goldberg variations quoted HERE)

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  1. Er, how about this? Is there anyone in colleges who really knows how music graduates can build on their degree to have a career – in performance and outside? Step forward, London Jazz!

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