17th March Charlie Wrights

I am, after hesitation, going to recommend the 17th March gig at Charlie Wrights. Why the hesitation? It’s the ethics of recommending it. The gig showcases the Royal Academy Junior Department- both current students and alumni. Why hesitate? Because some of these players are 16/17 year olds. To say they still have their lives get on with and their choices to make is an understatement. I will enjoy the gig. Judgement and analysis are for many years later.

Last year and this are the first occasions when students who followed the Saturday junior Academy programme and then went right through to the senior college jazz course are emerging onto the scene: trumpeter Freddy Gavita, and drummer Josh Blackmore , Kit Downes (piano/keyboards) for example. All now very busy, and interesting, and evolving young musicians. And one or two of them should be back to play with those following in their footsteps on the 17th. But if you go, you will also hear the current crop of Junior Academy players. Nick Smart, who runs the programme, tells me his best current Saturday band which will be featured, is something quite astounding……

If you expect a seat, Charlie Wright’s might not be your kind of club!

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