Jazz Coverage in Birmingham and London

Dave Holland:
teaching in Birmingham

I am struck this morning by marked contrast between the celebratory jazz coverage coming out of Birmingham …….and the world-weary tired-of-lifeness which sometimes affects the great city I am proud to think of as mine.

They used to say that the only good thing ever to come out of Birmingham was the M6. Not any more.

Out of Birmingham comes “What’s that low thrum? Dave’s in town!! an enthused piece from the Birmingham Post and the jazzbreakfast writer Peter Bacon.

Here’s the story: Birmingham Conservatoire now has Wolverhampton-born Dave Holland as regular visitor to inspire the students. Which is a fantastic accolade for the team of Jeremy Price, Mike Williams and Hans Koller and others. And Peter Bacon is encouraging the curious and open-minded to find their way down the ramped walkways which lead into Birmingham Conservatoire, to pass Security with a smile, and then to find their way inside the rabbit warren to the gig.

But from London, by contrast, come four pieces of…. scarcely euphoric coverage of the same Matthew Bourne gig.

From inherently kind-hearted Ivan Hewett in the Telegraph

-From non-plussed Mike Hobart in the FT

From “tinkling-standards-in-soft-lighted-clubs”-averse John Fordham in the Guardian

From unamused Stephen Graham in Jazzwise

These writers about jazz are all creative, capable wise and good.* Matthew Bourne is a really interesting musician.
Maija Handover runs a very good and effective PR company.

But the Loop Collective also had an interesting gig on Monday…..

*Source: the “Forton Coaching for Leadership” course I’ve just been on!

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