A single noise complaint closes Charlie Wright’s

A noise limiter like this
costs £537
Oliver Weindling reports the news on his TowerofJazz blog. There was me about to write that the next few weeks programme at Charlie Wrights which Zhenya Strigalev has put together is truly amazing. But a single noise complaint has, for the time being, stopped the music at 45 Pitfield Street.

I have written about the Junior Royal Academy gig. But check out names like guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel (one of Tony Dudley-Evans favourites for Cheltenham) and bassist Janek Gwizdala and Robert Mitchell and Ari Hoenig. Oliver uses the words “imaginative programming” . You betcha!

There are memories for me here. At the end of 2004 The Bull’s Head looked like it was about to suffer the same fate. But I sense that the ability of council officials to exercise regulatory zeal and not take ANY responsibility for culture has increased since then.
UPDATE: I spoke to both Zhenya Strigalev and Patsy Craig today (Friday 6th) . They have been putting on this week’s gigs in the Courtyard Theatre on Pitfield Street. Both are optimistic pro-active people who don’t hang about waiting for things to happen!
Strigalev told me today : “We are not cancelling any gigs,” and both say that the experience of trying out other venues has not been such bad news. They are also optimistic that the management at Charlie Wright’s could well get the noise and licensing issues sorted.
They have found venues close to Charlie Wright’s for next week’s Ari Hoenig gigs at
Road Trip (Monday’s Performance) – 243 Old Street, London, EC1V 9EY
Zigfrid Von Underbelly (Tuesday’s Performance) – 11 Hoxton Square, London, NW1 1NJ
Road Trip is a small venue but with good sightlines
Z. v. U. has good sound in place, and a bit bigger than Charlie Wright’s or Road Trip.
Strigalev and Craig are perhaps the most dynamic promotion team in London. More power to them!!

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