Dustin Hoffman speaks….plays…gets written about

All the Google News stories about jazz are suddenly about Dustin Hoffman. A jazz news hook is being used …..used to sell a film, ie something with more robust(?) …no, just bigger economics than jazz.

Dustin Hoffman has declared himself to be an aspiring jazz pianist. This isn’t exactly news, because LIFE has this picture dating from 1996, and the picture above must be older than that…
Here’s a funny/angry riposte from the JazzLives blog. A Mississipian writing from New York…
And here’s the florid end of an longlonglong LA Times piece.
As Hoffman rhapsodizes about his career, the sun is setting over the Pacific, casting its dusky glow over the sand, bathing the actor in autumnal light. After 40 years in show business, he’s acutely aware that there are only a certain numbers of performances left and how precious it is when the drama works. “What a collaborative adventure it is,” he ultimately says. Then tears appear unexpectedly in his eyes. “I don’t mean to be emotional,” he says, his voice husky. Yet this is his art form, when artists improvise with their psyches, with their truths, effortlessly sparking one another. He sighs: “It’s as close to the jazz experience as you can get.”
Let’s get back to the music.
I’m enjoying Liam Noble and Paul Clarvis’s “Starry Starry Night” on Alex Bonney’s superb EARCONNECTOR Site. It’s just been reviewed in it’s CD guises in a number of places. I particularly liked Peter Bacon’s review.
This is LondonJazz’s 100th post. Lish me wuck.

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