Four Ways to Consume Your Music

Here are four ways to experience the magical duo of Paul Clarvis and Liam Noble.

1) LIVE MUSIC. In the end there is nothing, NOTHING like the experience of hearing music live. Which is why I write predominantly about live music rather than recordings. And which is why I recommend hearing Liam Noble and Paul Clarvis’ gig at the Vortex on Tuesday April 14th. Noble is a world-class pianist, drummer Clarvis is a unique source of constant invention on the London jazz scene. He also kicks life into the percussion section of the (classical) National Youth Orchestra.

This duo is quiet, reflective, understated, and in the intimate surroundings of the Vortex will be special. Thank you Oliver for pointing it out.

2)REVIEWS. Pressed for time? You don’t actually have to listen to the music at all! You can experience the duo vicariously by reading comment on and reviews of the album. Of which the most sensitive ones I have read come from Chris Parker, and Peter Bacon at thejazzbreakfast. Or there’s the in-a-hurry version from the Independent. Sometimes I wonder if one can just dispense with the real, personal experience of anything (except, as TV food pundit Greg Wallace used to remind me as we propped up a bar together, food and drink) and spend a life absorbing comment. Not seriously.

3)BUYING THE ALBUM. I’ve listened to it a lot and would recommend it. Quiet , reflective, jaunty, enjoyable. You can get it direct from the Village Life Records website

4) EARCONNECTOR. Alex Bonney’s superb site has masses of great music on it, including the complete Starry Starry Night album. For free.

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  1. a fifth way to hear it is on high quality vinyl.Starry Starry Night is on pure pleasure records.

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