LondonJazz joins Meetup (1)

I have just discovered Meetup, thanks to lobbyist and communications whizz Rob Mallows.

Rob has set up Londons Premier Jazz Meetup group with over 450 members and his group is growing. I have joined it.

Rob has a simple aim: “to provide an open forum for lovers of Jazz music to meet and enjoy music in a range of venues across the city, from the large to the small and most of all to have fun.”

I’m defdefdefinitely not normally a habitual joiner of things. I did once spend just one afternoon in my university’s Conservative Party to help a friend at the time, who has gone on to better things and been very successful to get elected to his first ever post in politics….

Meetup is new to me, but then again, I’m sometimes behind the pace….There are 58,455 of these groups worldwide, of which 913 are in London. Some choose to advertise themselves internationally….. like the Pittsburgh Dogwalkers (UH?) or the Vancouver Hikers (WHY?) . In London there is a Vampire group with 769 members, a Tall People Group with 41, and a group conducting Paranormal Search & Investigations with just eight members.

I’m looking forward to meeting some of the Jazz Meetup folk soon. Some were out at Joshua Redman last week, The group seems to cater for different styles, and the range of events allows for people being on differing budgets.

I can’t help feeling that a jazz Meetup group needs its own signature tune, and will send out a nice CD if someone comes up with a good one!

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