Kit Downes writes ….

Kit Downes, one of the busiest/most versatile/interesting young pianists/keyboardists in town, has taken the trouble to write about a forthcoming Pizza Express gig.

The date, June 22nd, a New Moon (!) is now on the left hand column of LondonJazz, and in my diary too.

Both the good carbs and the bad carbs in Dean Street will be at the same prices as normal.

But the music is outrageous value- it’s a quadruple bill. For a tenner. Read that slowly. A quadruple bill. For . A . Tenner.

-A solo set from Chris Montague originally from Whickham on Tyneside, nice guy, super guitarist

-Anglo-Nordic vocal trio – Røyst,

-Kit Downes’ own very classy piano trio with Calum Gourlay and James Maddren.

-Tom Challenger’s MA, with Ross Stanley on piano/Hammond synth and jazz/world drum phenomenon Dave Smith..

That’s one hell of a varied and fascinating evening. I’d book early!

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