E17 Jazz, the goss…

I can’t help feeling that word about the quality and the vibe of Carlos Lopez Real’s E17 jazz is going to get out soon, that it will suddenly find itself overrrun. I feel I need to get there and check out the venue before the celebs work out it’s the place to be!

Some very well-connected and pro-active media folk keep bringing this gig to my attention…..If it’s all about connections, then saxophonist Frank Walden, who’s appearing on April 9th with nice, easy-going but on-the-button bassist Nick Haward’s band, has them big-time. He’s the older brother of Celia Walden aka Piers Morgan-Squeeze…he’s in the Amy Winehouse Band…..Angus Moncrieff aka Cylindrical Bore keeps writing about it

Tipping Point ahead…

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