The future of CD Reviews?

Today’s reviews – tomorrow’s fish and chip wrapping?

A man, or maybe just a combination of bad carbs and bad karma called Burger from Salt Lake City reviews the latest CD from Diana Krall. And for the entertainment of the readers of the Salt Lake City Tribune, has a go at pulping her reputation.
It’s today’s story. Mr Burger decides he would rather put early Diana Krall -or, say, Shirley Horn- on his CD player, than Krall’s record company’s current offering.
Trash Krall. Press Send. Job Done.

Print journalists grew up in a culture where today’s tittle-tattle is tomorrow’s fish-and-chip wrapping. But with the net, and stickinesss, and the long tail, those days are gone.

What is really missing, I can’t help feeling, is a searchable state-of-the-art ARCHIVE of jazz CD reviews. Either from the magazines themselves, or from some kind of aggregator….The net is made for this. It would also encourage more judgment, more thought, less intemperate crabby meuh.
See what http://www.rottentomatoes.com/ does for film reviews. And I note that American basketball reckons it has a “living breathing archive”
We hear again and again that the space in mainstream media for music, and especially jazz coverage is shrinking. Notably in Dave Laing and Mykaell Riley’s second report for Jazz Services last week.

But is there really a shortage of CD reviews? I would say that there are already more reviews of CDs than anyone has time to read.
Jazzwise, Jazz UK, and Jazz Review all do a good job. There is Peter Bacon of the Jazz Breakfast blog, and Chris Parker at the Vortex and John Fordham of the Guardian who all write really good ones. And the US magazines and the Allaboutjazz website….. and many, many more.
(Which is, by the way, why I’ve decided not to write any!)
Any thoughts?

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