Troyka talk sense

I suggest you listen to the most intelligent and honest record plug I have ever heard.

A Podcast of Troyka – it’s just under 5 minutes of interesting talk and of samples – from Dave Stapleton’s Edition Records

Chris Montague (guitar) , Kit Downes (keys) and Josh Blackmore (drums) talk in their own voices about their music, about the influences on it, about how its built, without hyping, without talking down to the audience.

The wonderfully uncategorizable Kit Downes prospers in so many musical contexts, and this is just one. His is going to be a fascinating career, the story has just begun.

These aren’t just musicians who settle into, or get stuck in the rut of comfortable grooves. They are real improvisers. So there’s always another infectious groove around the corner, and another one to move on to after that. I’ve not heard them live, but there is quite a bit on Youtube.

Onwards, upwards, wherever.

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