Sony Radio Awards

I’m very interested by Tommy Pearson’s insider’s take on the Sony Radio Awards.
He writes about the progressive marginalisation in these awards, and more generally, of Radio 3.

Here are the Sony Radio Awards Nominations

I was struck by what Pearson wrote about the judges, the endless list of whom is HERE:

“I note that, amongst the dozens of jurors for this year’s Sonys – including a number of representatives from Classic FM and many pop stations – there isn’t a single name from Radio 3. Why is this? Jez Nelson is there […] because he runs a very successful production company, Somethin’ Else. How come theBOSS of Classic FM is allowed to be on the jury, but not a single presenter or producer from Radio 3? Christine Ohuruogo is on the jury, though (yes, the British athlete).”

I’m wondering about Pearson’s thesis though: my guess is that R3 might have a strong chance to win “UK Station of the Year,” and that may be why there are so few R3 representatives. The other two finalists in the category, Radio 1 and Classic FM won in 2006 and 2007.

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  1. By email from a radio producer…<>“All these awards are buggin’s turn and nobody cares much about them do they? like the press awards, it’s just shuffle the cards time”.<>

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