Charles Mingus (1922-1979)… and cats

Thank you to my friend Mike for this.

When jazz legend Charles Mingus died in 1979, he left behind quite a legacy (all that follows is from the official website):

-a uniquely important place in twentieth century music
-inspirational work as bass player, pianist, bandleader and composer.
-nearly 70 albums as a bandleader
-a discography chock-full of treasures
one toilet training manual for house cats.

Quote: “Don’t be surprised if you hear the toilet flush in the middle of the night. A cat can learn how to do it, spurred on by his instinct to cover up.”

The method progrssively cuts down on the use of newspaper, so may be indeed be a parable for our times….

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  1. I’m wondering too. Sue Mingus’s Tonight at Noon has only one reference to a cat that I have found so far. On page 121 there is a story of the Minguses arriving at a locked-up house with two German Shepherd dogs called Muttley and Brunhilda (!), of Brunhilda killing a siamese cat, and Mingus insisting that the dead cat be (a) placed in the middle of a road ; when this idea was rejected (b) trying to revive it under cold water and (c) placing it in the salad compartment of the fridge.Back to the music ASAP I think….


  2. When I told Mingus that I had named my dog after him, he asked, “What kind of dog?”

    “A dobermann,” I replied.

    He nodded and said that was okay. Then he told me that someone had named a Greenwich Village beauty parlor after him, and that was not okay.


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