More Jazz on TV Saturday night..if you can find it

As I wrote in a previous post , it takes the instinct of a professional sleuth or stalker to track down all the jazz on the BBC.

Tonight the schedules of BBC4 have :
20:30 Jazz Goes to College
21:20 1959: The Year that Changed Jazz…
23:15 Smokey Dives
00:15 1959: The Year that Changed Jazz…

Jazz goes to college” is 1960’s footage of Stan Getz’s quartet of Gary Burton, Steve Swallow and Roy Haynes at the London School of Economics (we might dream it was from 2009…)

1959… is the documenary first shown last week.

Smokey Dives is a 2001 documentary about post-war Britain, the trads and the beboppers.

My sleuthing has alerted me to comments about these programmes on the Organissimo jazz forum

If only the BBC’s silo-ization didn’t make this stuff so damned hard to track down!

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