BBC Jazz output-another GREAT Saturday 18th….Any thoughts?

On the BBC Jazz Message board, a boardee , or poster, or whatever one calls such people, Nico Morrison writes:

“Next Saturday 18th April will be a good day for jazz lovers but on BBC TV4, not on radio:
8pm: The Charlie Parker Story
11pm: The Jazz Baroness (Baroness Pannonica de Koenigswarter, above, with Bud Powell)

But Morrison also has a few points to make……

There seems to be nowhere to discuss the beeb’s lamentable paucity of jazz, nor to celebrate when it very occasionally getsd it right. For TV Jazz it seems that only a single board, “Points of View” covers this as a sort of catchall.
Why are there no BBC jazz blogs? The place for in-depth extended writing & linking ….. nothing to be seen – very sad.
I celebrate the jazz programmes above – I despair of seeing their kind more than once a year.

And I despair of adequate blog or message board coverage – amazed this little corner hasn’t been axed.”

I wrote alongvery similar lines in a previous post.

Any thoughts????

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