How will you be celebrating Record Store Day?

Ray’s Jazz at Foyles (above)

I am alerted by Tom Moon’s“1,000 recordings to hear before you die” site… that it is Record Store Day this Saturday 18th.

There is also a piece in the Guardian about it, with some killing stats:

“Over a quarter of the UK’s independent music stores went out of business last year, according to the Entertainment Retailers Association. In the record store heyday of the 1980s there were 2,200 stores; by 1994 there were 1,200. Today only 305 remain.”

And for those for whom the thought of record stores makes them nostalge rather than
number-crunch…. try thislengthy memory-rake about Charing Cross Road. Or just have a taste of it!

“Like Rauschenberg’s work, the Charing Cross Road has never seemed to be a jumble, it always seems to fall into place, have a compositional form.”

If I can get to it, I think my best way of celebrating Record Store Day will be to get to the Vortex for Six Strings and the Beat with Phil Robson, and buy something from Oliver Weindling’s new by-appointment record store venture…
Or for once
stay in and watch the jazz on BBC4..

But something tells me a LondonJazz reader will have an as-good if not better idea of how to celebrate?

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