Ronnie Scott’s at 50: got any jokes???

The picture above is from just before the opening of Ronnie Scott’s club at 39 Gerrard Street in October 1959. It comes from David Taylor’s website which is a treasure trove of information about this period.

Here , for example is a good collection of the JOKES.

Here’s betting that there will be quite a few more??!!

Where are the jokes?
Send in the jokes!

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  1. On the photo, the guy in the dinner suit is Bobby Schwartz of whom I have many stories. Ronnies joke about the flies referred to half a million flies, not a thousand. Then there is the Indian cloakroom attendant Mahatma Coat. Plus *you’re not eating that stuff are you,sir” to a member of the audience “should it glow in the dark?”


  2. Len Weinreich posted this one:

    <>“We get some great jazz fans in the club. Like Erwin Rommel. Did you know that Rommel was a great jazz fan? He used wander around the western desert shouting ‘Wes Montgomery? Wes Montgomery?'”<>


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