The financial press looks at Jazz x 2

No link to be made here. An image search for “Financial Times” and “jazz” produced a very random discovery: a company called Jazz, ……and then to follow, a nice article about Ronnie’s from today’s Financial Times

1) Here’s graph of the stock price of Jazz Pharmaceuticals of Palo Alto California (now 60 cents). The origin of the company’s name :

Like the musical form that inspired our name… Our company’s name, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, captures our philosophy of excellence in innovation and collaboration as we work together to improve patients’ lives. We are building an environment that values and encourages individual excellence, intensive and productive collaboration and innovation.

But if you’re not convinced try this: ….

Jazz has a current product Xyrem which treats narcolepsy, and I’m also reading about pipeline product JZP-7 which treats “restless legs syndrome” (RLS) .

2) A good celebratory piece about the 50th anniversary of Ronnie Scott’s by Mike Hobart from today’s Financial Times. It draws attention to the strength of the club’s May programme. Here’s a clipping from it:

Joe Lovano[…] still rates Ronnie’s as being on the same level as New York’s legendary Village Vanguard. “When you play in a room where some of your heroes and masters have played before you, they loom large in that room.”

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