Datele fiducia e non ve ne pentirete

Sometimes there is a CD …. and loads of people seem to be talking about how great it is.

The quote above is the final sentence of a superb review in Italian. It means “Trust me and you won’t regret it.” I definitely second that sentiment. It’s been on the player in my car on a couple of long journeys.

The CD is Manchester guitarist Mike Walker’s ( very belated) debut as leader, Madhouse and the Whole thing there” . The review translated into English is on Mike Walker’s website. Try clips on his Myspace.

Walker lives, happily, in Rossendale, Lancashire. But you can see his world-class calibre by the people he works with. Like George Russell (above) . A fuller flavour comes from his biography . He’s also touring the country with the Nikki Iles/ Norma Winstone Printmakers unit.

His North West Real Books Quintet, at the Vortex on Sunday 24th, is definitely in my recommended list.

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