Jessie’s Fund – Music Helping Children

Jessica George, the daughter of Alan George, viola player from the Fitzwilliam String Quartet and of clarinettist Lesley Schatzberger died of an inoperable brain tumour fifteen years ago tomorrow.

But her memory lives on, in the form of a charity which Schatzberger runs. Jessie’s Fund used to place music therapists in childrens’ hospices, and now has grown to helping larger numbers of seriousy ill and disabled children (like the one above) in special schools.

At today’s reception/celebration/ fundraising do in the House of Commons, Victoria Wood CBE, who was a schoolfriend of Schatzberger’s and is the charity’s patron, and Ian Cawsey MP, and Schatzberger herself and Health Minister Ann Keen, a former nurse, all talked impassionedly about the work which Jessie’s fund does.

Schatzberger has turned her courageous labour of love into a well – run and stunningly effective little charity.

So buy a Jessie’s Fund CARD…. or buy a DJEMBE or a BAG TIDY or FIND OUT WHAT THEY DO or DONATE ONLINE.

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