A jazz musician’s brother writes (and very well too)

The Guardian and the Observer has a two-part guide to performing. Tomorrow’s Observer has Singing. Today’s Guardian has Acting.

A fascinating and very well-written survival guide to the acting profession comes from Michael Simkins, brother of top-of-the-top-drawer alto saxophone player and among the most organized and persuasive jazz educators in Britain, Brighton-based Geoff Simkins (above). And some of the skills described are not a million miles from what the jazz musician needs…

A few snippets from the article:

Woody Allen wrote: “Showbusiness is not so much dog eats dog, as dog doesn’t return other dog’s phone calls.”

“The best rule of thumb I know about how I’m dealing with unemployment is how early each day I switch on the television. If I find myself watching re-runs of Cash in the Attic at 10am, I know it’s time I took hold of myself.

“Any job that allows you time to accept last-minute auditions is worth its wait in gold.”

Worth it’s wait in gold (sic) = the next London gig by Geoff Simkins. LondonJazz will be looking out for it!

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