Proving the existence of Gig

Cyberspace breaks down certainties as to what is real and what is imagined.
For example, the singer Gracie Patton doesn’t actually exist. Except on her Myspace where she’s recorded with Gwilym Simcock. (So tricky to prove anything, where’s a philosopher when you need one?)

But now she’s sent me a chatty email (is this real or imagined) to tell me she’s singing at a gig on Saturday 23 May at 8.30pm with a band called Bad Ass Brass, who also exist -(if having sound clips on Myspace works as a proof of existence….tricky these ontological proofs. )

The internal rhyme in the band’s name doesn’t work for those of us with estuary vowels, but would exist in Cheshire or Lancashire. (Which is the real, which the imagined place, call a structuralist?)

The gig exists….. in cyberspace….and its at the Ladbroke Grove Blag Club in Canalot Studios by the canal. (I’ve been there. No need for a philosopher)

(Tickets don’t exist). You can prove that you exist by getting on a guest list by emailing badassbrass@live.co.uk Entry is £5.

For which you get quite a lot: the Blag Club has a 3am licence (please rely on Sartre or Lacan – rather than LondonJazz -to prove to you that 3am in a night club exists) , and after the band have finished the DJs take over.

This is a young pro band, they will be having a good time. Assuming you like what you hear, you’ll have a great night. (But there again you might be imagining it).

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  1. I doubt today’s philosophers can be of much help in these questions. Take the entry on reality in the Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy as an example:

    “That which there is. … Does it include: numbers, possibilities, the future, the past, other minds, colours, tastes, the external world, mind as well as matter, or matter as well as experience?”

    More questions than answers. It might be better to follow the rule of thumb that if LondonJazz can _imagine_ this will be a good gig then it _really_ will be good. Not sure whether that counts as a proof though…

  2. Gracie Patton would like to mention that she will be a mere guest basking in the glory of ‘Bad Ass Brass’ on this particular evening(Gracie Patton does not speak with estuary vowels, rather with a hint of a Yorkshire accent thus the internal rhyme does exist for her). She would like to highly recommend the impressive Bad Ass Brass and suggests a visit to hear them in Ladbroke Grove shall certainly prove to be a pleasurable experience.

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