Wynton Marsalis walking out of Blue Note

Here is a Press Release from The Orchard

“Today, The Orchard announced that world renowned trumpeter and jazz musician Wynton Marslais has entered into a long-term, multi-faceted partnership with the entertainment services company.

The exclusive recording and services agreement between Marsalis and The Orchard will cover co-production of new studio recordings, marketing of live recordings; design and implementation of social networking and other forms of collaborative audience engagement for Marsalis and for jazz as a lifestyle genre; synchronization; initiatives with consumer brands and non-traditional financial partners; and also, Marsalis and his team are working to bring living legends and new talent of all genres into The Orchard’s unique services platform.

He joins The Orchard after the release of He and She, the final album recorded under his Blue Note Records contract. “

My tuppence – back catalogue-driven record labels are having to adapt to a very different notion of how the artist-as-brand can be monetized.

Your thoughts??

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  1. Adam Sieff of SellaBand sent this in by email:

    <>It’s very exciting to see Wynton Marsalis involved in a partnership with The Orchard, which will do more for him and his music than a traditional label can. And if it’s good for Wynton, that makes it ultimately good for jazz too.<>

  2. An email form an anonymous industry source:

    <>Marsalis is lucky, he’s got infrastructure – most artists simply won’t get the marketing support from people like Orchard they would get from an old-fashioned record company, I suspect.<>

  3. I think that this shows how even the great jazz musicians have to fend for themselves. Of course Wynton is in a better situation than some, but not even his status can help him in Blue Note! Mr Anonymous might also like to know that the Orchard has a tremendously positive attitude to jazz and if he wants, he should contact Naja Detrekoy there.Give them a call and find out for yourself.

  4. Wow… True, Orchard will do him well…. but Blue Note is BLUE NOTE! and hasn't he been hosting all these Lincoln Center Blue Note Anniversary celebrations??

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