Rich Brother and Sister Mix

This looks really interesting.

Contemporary classical composer Errollyn Wallen, and her jazz trumpeter/bandleader brother Byron Wallen (above) are launching a new project, “WALLEN, ” at Rich Mix in Bethnal Green Road this Saturday 23rd. “With elements of music theatre.” Two musicians who have shown themselves to be awake and alive to all kinds of influences. They are sure to have an interesting story to tell…

Errollyn Wallen writes to LondonJazz:

“This is the first show that Byron and I have made together. In the past, he has guested in my band but this is the first time we’ve conceived a whole evening together. We’re excited about it. We will also be performing WALLEN at the Tete-a-Tete festival at Riverside studios August 13 & 14th. “

Here’s a flier giving more details, and a post from the JazzReloaded blog

I definitely won’t be able to get to this first outing for WALLEN, and will be interested to hear reports…

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  1. Phenomenal (elaborating on my previous comment)
    In more detail, the show was rich with chemistry, different sounds, textures and colours of Jazz.
    Errollyn created a very rich emotional atmosphere with a big range of moods and tones, and Byron delivered some incredible moments with his extraordinary trumpet and shells performance.

    The theme of the show, family biography, was very free / abstract and allowed for everyone to make their own associations and emotional responses. The comments and short read-outs only gave a background to the music which told a simple story, in masterful jazz phrases.

    Not entirely certain how the show would stand on it’s own as an album, but there where moments during the performance where I was completely immersed in their music and I’d love to see an album coming from this duo.

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