A Saturday stroll and a gig

LondonJazz reader Sam Evans wrote:

“I am a regular visitor to Olivers, and I couldn’t agree more with the review, there is a lot of good music happening there and its great to see some more public exposure for the venue.

“I have a Dexter Gordon project gig with my new quintet at Olivers on the Sat 30th May.My quintet consists of me (tenor), Mark Crown (trumpet), Mitch Jones (Piano), Tom Farmer (double bass) and Tim Sampson (drums).”

What could be nicer? : A Saturday evening stroll around Maritime Greenwich if the storm clouds (above) don’t break, followed by a nice gig by a fresh student band really going for it at Oliver’s Music Bar. That’s win-win. A good sign from the line-up: Tom Farmer from Empirical, on bass, looks like a guarantee of quality where it counts… A quick natter with one of LondonJazz’s ultra-reliable confidential sources in the Trinity jazz faculty, and all I need to write is one more word:


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