A Czech , some Swedes and a navy corvette

30th June, 8pm. Two fine European musicians combining, for one of the most surreally unmissable jazz gigs in London this year.

It marks – you guessed- the handover of the EU Presidency from the Czech Republic to Sweden.

(I’ll also- won’t you? – be celebrating the 150th anniversary of Blondin crossing Niagara Falls which falls on the same day)

Bobo Stenson – ever-fascinating Swedish ECM pianist, 65 years young.

Emil Viklicky – remarkable Czech pianist and composer, loves working with Bobby Wellins.
His lengthy list of film music credits include “Killer Condom” (1996)

-“Young hip and tight” trio Music Music Music from Gothenburg.
-The gig is on board HMS President, a British navy corvette built in 1918, permanently anchored on the Thames near Blackfriars.

-Part of the City of London Festival (this link is to the page for the gig)

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  1. Did you know that Blondin was a ‘funambulus’? I believe he lived somewhere around Boston Manor, where resides my guitar playing father called Brian Wilson (pace Beach Boys).

    Mike Wilson


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