Quiz- WIN A Karen Lane or Lleuwen Steffan/ Huw WarrenCD

Here’s a quiz for eggheads.Well for anyone really.

PRIZES: Choose between Karen Lane‘s “Beautiful Love” being launched on Sunday 24th May at Pizza Express Dean Street.

and the Lleuwen Steffan/ Huw Warren CD Duw a Wyr (Courtesy of BABEL)

THE QUIZ: Background.

People settle in London from all over the world. and contribute to the vigour and variety of our extraordinary London jazz scene. Here are THREE.

How to win

Be the first to tell LondonJazz – by adding a comment below – where the people originally came from, (Town + US state or town + country) All the answers* are in articles on this site.

1) Frank Griffith

2) Michael Janisch

3) Oliver Reveault of Oliver’s Music Bar

First two people to answer all three questions correctly will win a CD.

*Note: The only answers which will be deemed to be correct for the purposes of this quiz are those given in previous posts of LondonJazz, in each case verified with the individuals in question.

*Note: There are two and only two prizes. A choice of CD will therefore only be available to the first correct answer received.And a prize to the second. Winners names will not be disclosed.

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  1. First and second prizes were won very quickly.

    FIRST PRIZE: Adrian L please email me with your CD preference and your address.

    SECOND PRIZE: Ifor, just your address.

    NEARLY BUT NOT QUITE: Lance you were pipped by 90 seconds. Thank you for taking part.

    Look out for KAREN LANE’s CD LAUNCH this Sunday at the Pizza in Dean Street!!!


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