LIVE: Review of Bone Supremacy by Mystery Shopper #1

Review of Bone Supremacy at 100 Club by Mystery Shopper #1 (above)

On Thursday lunch time I went to the 100 club to hear The Bone Supremacy – playing their five trombones in memory of Cambell Burnap and as the annual fund raiser for the National Jazz Archive.

Introduced by Digby Fairweather they entertained the good crowd of mainly grey heads with a terrifically well executed set of excitingly arranged songs. The first few were mostly arranged by Adrian Fry but an arrangement of Muskrat Ramble by the late Pete Strange who had introduced the idea with the creation of Five a Slide in the 70’s brought a huge response from the audience.

It was a great idea of Ian Bateman and Adrian Fry to revive the idea of five trombones and a rhythm section – arrangements and rehearsals are essential to bring off such a combination and they were very generous to come and play “for the petrol money” in aid of the archive. As Ian said they have four regular players and one invited one. On this occasion it was Mark Nightingale who did some very exciting stuff and generally won the respect of the crowd.

On the slow, a capella, rhythm-sectionless rendition of I’ll be Seeing You – Mark hit some stupendous high notes!

Personel. Ian Bateman – Organiser; Adrian Fry, Musical Director,arranger; Andy Flaxman, lead, Chris Gower bass; Mark Nightingale (invitee!) Pete Cater drums, John Day bass, Bunny Thomson piano.

Tunes included For All we Know; Cute; I’ll be Seeing You; Muskrat Ramble; Stardust, and a Kai Windin- inspired Breezing Along with the Breeze.

All good stuff and I was sorry I had to leave at 2, and missed the last bit.

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