Nice gig with or without a Padel

Coffee-House Poetry will have a hit on their hands this Monday 8th at the Troubadour in Old Brompton Road with an evening of poetry and jazz, entry £6.50… mainly becuse of the current notoriety/visibility/ think-of-other-words-ending-in-idity of poet Ruth Padel (above right).

There’s a very nice trio of Frank Harrison/ Jez Brown/Stephen Keogh….but I do wonder if they’ll actually get heard?? Surely all these poets will be talking the hind legs off each other?!

And…..er….no, he wont…….the gentleman above left won’t be there…..

Here’s the blurb

mon 8 jun: stanza and swung rhythm… with ruth padel, richard douglas pennant, andrew motion, john barnie and the frank harrison trio

Pianist Frank Harrison (CD’s include First Light, 2006)—with Jeremy Brown (bass) & Stephen Keogh (drums)—add a distinctive jazz pulse to a scintillating poetry programme:

Darwin: A Life in Poems is the latest from Darwin’s direct descendant, Ruth Padel, popular Independent poetry critic, formerly shortlisted for T.S.Eliot Prize;

John Barnie from Abergavenney (Trouble in Heaven, Gomer, 2007) edited Welsh cultural review Planet and frequently performs with a bilingual poetry/blues band;

Richard Douglas Pennant (Alabaster Jar, 2008 and CD Old Stones New Tales) divides his time, inspiration, and presiding mythologies, between Cyprus and North Wales;

Andrew Motion, who has written biography, fiction, memoir and numerous poetry collections including The Cinder Path (Faber, 2009), is Professor of Creative Writing at Royal Holloway, and has been Poet Laureate since 1999.

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