Where will Twitter lead next…?

It seemed like a good idea to attract readers to LondonJazz. Tweet, they said. Join Twitter.

So I did, a week ago. It is extraordinary , this world of the instant status update.

– Now I get Sarah Brown (wife of him still indoors at No 10-just) reporting by the hour from Bayeux in Normandy while the battles rage in London SW1 and in Helmand…
-and Alan Rusbridger’s late night thoughts as he puts the Guardian newspaper to bed.

-And one jazz radio station which tells you, without fail, every track it’s playing. Thanks but no thanks

-Solobasssteve seems to have a busy life, as does Finn Peters fan Andrew Missingham.

-The editor of Sky TV News seems to tell his Twitter readers things first, and let Sky TV News know later.

Mike Outram claims every day he has a humdrum life, but not everyone can play guitar like Outram. In fact not another living soul – check him out.

-The latest to befriend me on Twitter are some folk called FlowTimeBremen. It’s the page of London-born bass clarinettist and composer David Jean-Baptiste, with links to his websites and blogs. He’s offering clarinet therapy…and an e-book on Music and Memory with a guaranteed money back, and shares in Flow-Time Ltd (hm, couldn’t find a guarantee there….).
I’ll look forward to hearing him in London some time and judge if the therapy works….

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  1. Can't believe how people find so many wonderful things thru Twitter. I'm an eighty-four yr old jazz fan who hung out with the Condon, Muggsy Spanier, Pee Wee Russel bunch a long time ago. Nice blog. Photo made me think of dear little Ernie Caseres

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