Ronnie’s July Highlights

-30th June – 2nd July: STANLEY JORDAN

-3rd – 4th: The Nina Simone Songbook presented by GILL MANLY

-6th – 8th: MINGUS DYNASTY : Boris Kozlov – bass, Donald Edwards – drums, Orrin Evans – piano, Craig Handy – alto sax, flute, sop. Sax, Wayne Escoffery – tenor sax, Alex Sipiagin – trumpet, Ku-umba Frank Lacy – trombone, vocals.

-10th – 11th: CHRISTIAN McBRIDE (bass) Steve Wilson (saxes), Eric Reed (piano), Warren Wolf (vibes) Carl Allen (drums).

-20th – 21st: KYLE EASTWOOD,Andrew McCormack (piano)Graeme Flowers (trumpet)Graeme Blevins (sax) Martin Kaine (drums)


-27th – 28th: CHRIS POTTER(saxes), Adam Rogers (guitar) Craig Tabourn (keyboards),Nate Smith (drums).

-29th-30th: ROY HARGROVE (trumpet), Justin Robinson (alto sax), Jonathan Batiste (piano), Ameen Saleem (bass), Montez Coleman (drums).

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