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Lively, houseboat-dwelling, conga-leading saxophonist Andy Williamson writes:

A few days ago, I was given a very short notice opportunity to repeat a fundraising stunt that I first did a couple of years ago. At 9.45 am next Sunday morning June 28th, I hope to be suspended nearly 150 metres above the ground, with a saxophone around my neck. I plan to descend to around 50m, then stop, and give a short performance of a vaguely musical nature.

This is all happening down the side of the ‘tower’ wing of Guy’s Hospital near London Bridge – the highest ‘civilian’ abseil in the country. As you may know, I had a kidney transplant at Guy’s in August 2007, after a year and a bit of dialysis. This time, I’m performing this feat in aid of the Kidney Patients’ Association at Guy’s. The KPA is a great organisation, which funds a range of fantastic things, including ground-breaking research, sending kids to the British Transplant Games and various social events for dialysis patients, whose ability to have a regular social life can be severely curtailed.

I’ve set an ambitious target, for such a short burst of fundraising. Will you help me get there? You can make a donation of any size online to my

If you’d like to come along and watch, please feel free. It’s all due to happen at 9.30am on Sunday 28 June 2009. Come to the main entrance of Guy’s Hospital, next to London Bridge station on Great Maze Pond.”

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