Scottish Jazz Awards

The delicacy above is for Jennifer (Euphbass) for first-past-theposting the winners of the Scottish Jazz Awards HERE and provoking quite a discussion.

UPDATE: Here’s the official list from HERE

Bobby Wellins (presented by Bobby Wishart)

BASS (presented by Sheena MacDonald)
winner: Aidan O’Donnell
runners up: Tom Lyne, Ronnie Rae, Brian Shiels

BIG BAND (presented by Alan Steadman)
winner: Scottish National Jazz Orchestra
runner up: Tom Bancroft Orchestro Interrupto

BRASS (presented by Jill Rodger)
winner: Ryan Quigley
runners up: Chris Greive,Tom MacNiven

DRUMS (presented by Bill Kyle)
winner: Stu Ritchie
runners up: Alyn Cosker, Partick Kunka

GUITAR (presented by Ronnie Gurr)
winner: Malcolm MacFarlane
runners up: Nigel Clark, Graeme Scott

PIANO (presented by Tommy Smith)
winner: Paul Harrison
runners up: Alan Benzie, Steve Hamilton,
Brian Kellock

VOCALS (presented by Carol Kidd)
winner: Fionna Duncan
runners up: Alison Burns, Debbie Davis

WOODWIND (presented by Bobby Wellins)
winner: Tommy Smith
runners up: Julian Arguelles, Laura MacDonald

BEST BAND (presented by Alison Kerr)
Public Vote
1st: Ken Mathieson’s Classic Jazz Orchestra
2nd: Scottish National Jazz Orchestra
3rd: Trianglehead

BEST CD (presented by Jim Gilchrist)
Public Vote
Carol Kidd “Dreamsville”

(presented by Clare Hewit)
Public Vote
Martin Kershaw’s “Hero as a Riddle”

(presented by Mike Hart)
Public Vote
1st: The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh
2nd: The Blue Lamp, Aberdeen
3rd: Hospitalfield House, Arbroath

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  1. Eew! I'm not eating that! It's too much. I can only handle fish and chips about once a year, never mind a Mars Bar.

    By the way – have you seen the exceedingly scathing comment on my post from Anonymous? Don't know who it is, but I think they're bitter *g*.

  2. Thanks Edward for the reminder to me to stick to the knitting on this site and write about Jazz in London. Point well taken.

    But I do like excursions. And , I'm afraid, you've not heard the last from me about e.g. Krakow yet!

    Actually, I tend to find that the Scottish musicians I know DO have open ears.

    And I was also very pleased to see an adoptive southerner, 606 Club regular Robert Coull Wellins (Bognor Regis, West Sussex) being honoured in the Scottish Awards as the first recipient of the Lifetime Award.

  3. There is a singer in Glasgow who appears, ironically, not to appear.
    Joni Keen, is one of the finest singers who seems to be constantly bypassed by the Glasgow Jazz Festival and she actually lives in Glasgow.
    The usual suspects dragged out every year at the festival are on the whole self indulgent bores and it is an insult to the people of Glasgow that we cannot have more home grown talent on show, by which I mean not from Edinburgh or Hastings!!!!!

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