The ultimate music critic joke?

They told the traveller:

“Here is your task for the day. You must tell us what is in these three sacks by feeling the outside.”

A man brought him the three sacks, containing a rabbit, a bear…and a snake.

He started by feeling the outside of the first sack:

“Mmm. Huge ears.” His hands went down the sack.“Teeny tiny balls. That must be a rabbit.”

“You’re right. That’s amazing. Here’s the next sack.”

“Tiny ears” (reaching down.) “En-ORM-ous balls! Must be a bear.”

“That’s fantastic. Two out of two. Now try the third.”
(This is the snake.)

“No ears. No balls either……..

“Must be a music critic.”

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  1. Then, unexpectedly, they brought him two more sacks. 'Now what?' asked the traveller. 'Oh, don't worry', they said, 'We've got hundreds more like these. None of them feel very interesting to us and we really can't tell any of them apart, despite the fact that each is supposed to be unique. We thought you might like to have a go.'

    The traveller felt the fourth sack.

    'Big ears with nothing much between them, big balls, very little else. Must be a musician.'

    Then he felt the fifth and final sack.

    'Funny,' he said, 'There doesn't seem to be anything in this sack at all. Or perhaps there is, but for some reason as soon as I let go of it I can't remember anything much about its contents. It's clearly a blogger.'

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    When I got to the end of your joke I laughed so hard that my teeth were all pointing outward as though I had been punched in the mouth but from the inside out.

    It reminded me of this joke……

    What do you get when you cross a boil in the bag lettuce with a hammer wrapped in a doily?
    A guy with a pin to burst your bubble.

    Get it?

    If not, you get the sack.

    That'll be the sixth.


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